Different Types of Therapy

Different Types of Therapy is a photo series from the Pulpit Rock near Stavanger, put together with fragments from the Therapy article on Wikipedia. The 600 meter tall cliff attracts more than 250.000 visitors every year, from well versed hikers to tourists who have never sat their foot in nature before. The series looks at the two hour long journey as sort of a modern self help process where people find themselves in the ascetic ritual of hiking in high heeled shoes and cotton t-shirts.

Exhibited July 2017 at Tou Scene, Stavanger.
Collaboration with Hannah Ersland.

Toughts, feelings and behavior are mutually dependent on each other.
Not only do you look at what is on the paper and the symbolism in that, attention also needs to be paid what is not there, the things that people omit from a work can be just as informative.
Usually the therapist determines the method unless specifically requested by the patient.
Once the patients become settled into their new environment, they lose their sense of self-efficacy and independece.
Physical therapy services may be provided alongside with, or in conjunction with, other medical services.
Some individuals choose to self-administer their medication ("do-it-yourself") because they do not have access to adequate medical care.
Some art therapists find it important to ensure, for the therapeutic relationship, that the sessions occur each week in the same space and at the same time.
Observation of aquaria has been shown to reduce muscle tension and pulse rate in elderly subjects in comparison to control groups who watched a placebo video tape or a video tape of an aquarium.
Useful signs of dehydration include eagerness to drink.
Their bodily processes may, or sometimes may not, be well- synchronized with each other, but they are not correctly synchronized with the light/dark cycle.